All data and programs used for this research project are available on request.


  • 3rd International Conference on Economic History “Crossroads of Globalization: Market Making in Modern East Asia” at Keio University, Tokyo Japan.


Published in Refereed Journals

  • Mikio Ito, Kiyotaka Maeda and Akihiko Noda "The Futures Premium and Rice Market Efficiency in Prewar Japan," Economic History Review, 71(3), pp.709-937.

Works in Progress


Conference Presentations

  • Discretion versus Policy Rules in Futures Markets: A Case of the Osaka-Dojima Rice Exchange, 1914-1939
    • Japanese Economic Association 2018 Autumn Meeting at Gakushuin University (September 2018)
    • World Economic History Congress 2018 in Boston, US (July 2018)
    • Western Economic Association International 93rd Annual Conference in Vancouver, Canada (June 2018)

Seminar Presentations

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